Application case of intelligent sports watch in primary school campus

Mar. 13, 2021

Sports has become a large part of life nowadays. How to exercise scientifically is important. It is an effective method to judge the exercise training according to monitoring the changes of real-time heart rate of human body. Many schools also use intelligent teaching management for children's physical education.

The following is an example of a primary school student to realize teaching management through intelligent exercise watch:

Children with Mimi campus Bluetooth smart watch can realize the management of students' time to school and departure, small payment and access control function of NFC in school, monitoring of all day Sports and sleep monitoring. The exercise intelligent watch worn in the physical education class can collect the heart rate, step count, vital capacity and other data of students in real time and effectively, and achieve personalized analysis and management teaching through data, and comprehensively improve the teaching quality.

 When the students are out of the range of exercise or lack of exercise, the system platform will automatically send out early warning, and teachers can adjust them according to the situation. It can prevent accidents and make everyone achieve better sports effect.

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