FAQ summary of imyfit smart heart rate Bracelet (watch)

May. 07, 2021

1. Requirements of imyfit Bracelet (watch) for device (mobile phone)

Android 4.4 with Bluetooth 4.0 or IOS 7.0 or above

2. Does imyfit Bracelet (watch) radiate? Will long-term wearing do harm to the body?

Imyfit Bracelet (watch) adopts ultra-low power Bluetooth technology, and the radiation value of the product is far less than one thousandth of the signal strength of the mobile phone.

After who assessment, Bluetooth signal will not cause any impact on the human body, please rest assured to use.

3. How does imyfit Bracelet synchronize time?

 Imyfit Wristband (watch) does not need to adjust the time manually. When the wristband (watch) is successfully connected with the mobile phone, the time on the wristband (watch) will be automatically synchronized with the time on the mobile phone.

4. What are the standard accessories of imyfit Bracelet (watch)?

The standard accessories of imyfit Bracelet (watch) include: Bracelet (watch) (with wristband), special charging cable and getting started guide.

5. How does imyfit watch monitor movement data?

Imyfit Wristband (watch) adopts ultra-low power consumption three-axis acceleration sensor, and combines with unique motion algorithm to conduct statistics and Analysis on the data collected by Wristband (watch), presenting accurate and easy to read data results to users.

6. What does IP67 waterproof mean? Does imyfit Bracelet (watch) meet the protection level of IP67?

IP67 specifically refers to the protection security level of electronic products. It defines the protection of a product against solid particles and liquids.

The meaning of the two digits after IP is: the first digit represents the dust-proof level, and the second digit represents the waterproof level.

The imyfit Bracelet (watch) meets the IP67 protection level of 6-level dustproof and 7-level waterproof.

7. Can I wear imyfit Bracelet (watch) for bathing or swimming?

The waterproof grade of imyfit Bracelet (watch) is IP67, which can ensure the life waterproof of general liquid splashing and short-time immersion (but it is not suitable for sauna and hot spring). Generally, when swimming, the immersion in the long-distance room and the pressure of the water body will affect the waterproof ability of the bracelet (watch), so it is not recommended to wear it when swimming

8. How long does it take to charge the imyfit Bracelet (watch)?

1) The charging time of imyfit Bracelet (watch) is about 1.5-2 hours.

2) The imyfit Wristband (watch) uses a lithium polymer battery, which can be used and charged at any time. The first charge doesn't need 12 hours at all.

9. What is the battery capacity of imyfit Bracelet (watch)? How long does it last after full charge?

The battery capacity of imyfit Bracelet (watch) is 120-400mah; The Bluetooth version can normally be used for 15-30 days after it is fully charged( Different ways of use will be different)

10. Does imyfit Bracelet (watch) have any requirements for charging equipment?

The design of imyfit Wristband (watch) initially put forward the requirements of universality, as long as the input voltage and current meet the requirements of 5V / 1A power adapter, mobile power supply, etc. can charge the wristband (watch) normally.

11. Do you need to wait for the battery to run out before charging the bracelet (watch)?

It is suggested to charge the bracelet (watch) when the bracelet (watch) indicates low battery charging, so as not to affect the use.

When the battery is low, there will be an icon on the display screen of the bracelet (watch) to prompt the user to charge.

12. Does imyfit Bracelet (watch) need registration and login account?

Registered account and login account provide basic data, and then with the data of human body signs such as movement, heart rate and sleep collected by Bracelet (watch), it can provide users with more accurate data results.

13. How to get the mistep app?

Please log in to play store or app store, or scan the QR code in imyfit Bracelet (watch) getting started guide to download and install Wukong health app (or mistep APP).

14. What if you can't find the bracelet?

1) Please touch the touch button to light up the wristband (watch) and make sure the wristband (watch) has power

2) Check if there is a Bluetooth icon on the main page of the bracelet (watch)? If yes, it means that other devices (mobile phones) are connected. Please disconnect the currently connected device.

3) Confirm that the device type selected in the client device list is Bracelet (watch), if not, please switch to Bracelet (watch).

4) Please keep the bracelet (watch) as close to the mobile phone as possible.

If you still can't do it after the above operation, please try to turn on Bluetooth or restart the phone once.

15. It will connect automatically in the following cases

When the bracelet (watch) is bound, it is necessary to ensure that the bracelet (watch) is not connected by other devices without changing the device and opening the connecting device. Within the scope of connection, the Bluetooth broadcast of the bracelet (watch) is turned on and the bracelet (watch) works normally, and the Bluetooth of the mobile phone is turned on and does not die

16. When does the bound Bracelet (watch) need to be manually reconnected? How to connect?

1) The bracelet (watch) is connected by other devices (mobile phones). Please disconnect the Bluetooth connection on the connected devices (mobile phones);

2) The bracelet (watch) screen needs to be turned on again 20 minutes after it is turned off,

3) The Bluetooth of mobile phone is not authorized and needs to be opened manually;

4) Bluetooth doesn't work and needs to be restarted;

5) Bracelet (watch) does not work properly, please contact customer service.

17. How to deal with the connection failure of Apple mobile phone users?

In view of the special situation of IOS, apple mobile phone users, please check the device of "bracelet (watch) ID number" in the Bluetooth example table of mobile phone settings, click and ignore this device, and then restart the Bluetooth switch or restart the mobile phone.

18. Do you need to keep Bluetooth on when you wear imyfit Bracelet (watch)?

Step counting, heart rate and sleep do not need to be connected to the mobile phone all the time. If you only need to bring a bracelet (watch) when you exercise, you can connect the bracelet (watch) with your mobile phone to view the data synchronously after the exercise.

Alarm clock: write the bracelet (watch) when setting the health app of Wukong. After setting successfully, the alarm clock does not need to be connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth.

Call reminder, SNS information reminder (wechat, QQ, etc.), search Bracelet (watch), remote control camera and other functions need to turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone and keep the connection with the mobile phone.

19. Can Xiaomi Bracelet (watch) record and store data when the mobile phone is not around? How long can data be stored?

Imyfit Bracelet (watch) can store data separately, so you don't need to carry it with you when you go out running or sleeping. When you need to view the data details on the mobile phone, you only need to enter the Bluetooth of the mobile phone into the app to connect the bracelet (watch) (the bound one will connect automatically).

The imyfit Bracelet (watch) can retain the movement data information for up to 7 days.

The data synchronized to the device (mobile phone) will be automatically uploaded to the cloud for saving. If a new mobile phone is replaced, as long as you log in to the mistep app account again, you can synchronize the previous data from the cloud to the new mobile phone for users to check the historical data.

 20. Why have I started to walk and my Wristband (watch) hasn't started to count my steps?

In order to reduce the error, the bracelet (watch) sets an initial value of 8. When the number of real-time steps is greater than 8, the step recording will officially start, and the number of real-time steps in the app main interface will change. That is, start from step 8 and remember 8.

21. What is the basis of imyfit Bracelet (watch) to measure the movement distance?

The distance is calculated by height, step length (the length of each step is calculated by step frequency), and then accumulated step by step.

Tip: Please fill in the height information correctly.

22. What factors will affect the accuracy of step recording of Bracelet (watch)?

The bracelet (watch) measures the number of steps through 3-axis acceleration sensor and fine anti misjudgment algorithm. But the user's different arm posture, stride, body shape, road roughness, uphill and downhill will affect the value of step recording.

So we suggest that when you get the bracelet (watch) first set, you must be honest and accurate to fill in the information! Including gender, height, weight and age, these slight inaccuracies will directly affect the data capture of acceleration sensor, and further affect the algorithm operation. The result is inaccurate step count, incorrect distance data and inaccurate calorie consumption value, which will lead to unsatisfactory data and affect the value of Bracelet (watch) for sports reference.

23. Does imyfit Bracelet (watch) distinguish between daytime sleep and nighttime sleep? How to record sleep? Does putting a bracelet (watch) on the table recognize sleep?

The bracelet (watch) records sleep during the day and at night.

Bracelet (watch) automatically identifies whether sleep or not through 3-axis acceleration sensor and scientific algorithm. Of course, it can also distinguish static and sleep

24. Set up a call reminder. How long will the bracelet (watch) vibrate when calling?

When setting the next day's reminder, mistep app can choose three different call delay modes: immediate reminder, 4 seconds later reminder and 10 seconds later reminder.

25. Can the number of calls for reminder be modified? Is it possible to hang up the phone with one button?

The number of calls can not be modified.

The bracelet (watch) supports the function of one button to hang up the call.

26. Set up a call reminder. Why is there a call Bracelet (watch) that doesn't vibrate to remind me?

1) Please confirm whether the Bluetooth of mobile phone is turned on and connected with the bracelet (watch);

2) For non IOS system users, please check whether the mistep app is running (just running in the background.)

3) The mistep app did not get the message notification permission

Tip: one click memory cleaning and some housekeeping software may clean up the process or intercept, please add the mistep app to the white list.

27. How to make the mistep app   Get message notification permission?

Enter the Setup Menu > information reminder > Click notification to read permission > check the mistep app

28. What information can the mistep app remind?

In addition to call reminder, it can also remind SMS, QQ, wechat, Facebook, Skype and other information.

29. Why are wechat, QQ and other information reminders set, but the bracelet (watch) doesn't?

Wechat and QQ software information reminder must meet the following conditions:

1)  The mobile phone is dormant, and the background process cannot be closed;

2)  Computers and mobile phones cannot be used online at the same time;

3)  The bracelet (watch) is always connected to the mobile phone, and Bluetooth needs to be on all the time;

Tip: after logging into wechat on the computer, the bracelet (watch) will also remind you when the no disturb mode is set on the mobile phone.

30. Can imyfit Bracelet (watch) customize alarm clock?

You can set 8 groups of custom alarm clock on the app.

31. Why did my heart rate test fail?

When measuring the heart rate, stick the bottom of the bracelet (watch) close to the arm without obvious gap.

32. What factors will affect the test results of heart rate?

Imyfit heart rate Bracelet (watch) is a device for continuous and real-time monitoring of exercise heart rate. Under the condition of correct wearing, individual differences such as skin color, hair, tattoo and scar will affect the heart rate signal.

Tip: keep close to the skin of the arm to prevent the interference of ambient light on the photoelectric heart rate sensor.

33. What is the principle of imyfit heart rate Bracelet (watch) to monitor heart rate?

Imyfit heart rate Bracelet (watch) monitors heart rate by photoplethysmography (PPG). The principle is simple: blood is red, reflecting red light and absorbing green light. My heart rate Bracelet (watch) emits green light to the blood in the blood vessel through the green LED light on the ring, and measures the reflection amount of green light through the photosensitive photodiode, so as to obtain the absorption amount of green light. Through the absorption amount of green light by the blood, it measures the amount of blood circulating at the wrist at a specific time, so as to obtain the heart rate information.

34. How to view the application version and firmware version of Xiaomi sports?

Software version: (upper left corner) sidebar Switch > about - > software version

Firmware version: (upper left corner) sidebar Switch > about - > firmware version

35. Does imyfit Bracelet (watch) support remote firmware upgrade?


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