The smart watch doesn't prompt when the mobile phone calls

Mar. 11, 2021

The common functions of smart Bracelet include health data monitoring (such as heart rate, exercise meter, blood pressure, blood oxygen, body temperature monitoring, etc.), safety positioning management, and auxiliary functions (time, photo, long seat reminder, caller ID, information display, loss prevention reminder, etc.).

The bracelet has a reminder when calling. This is a common application function. How can the smart Bracelet call? What's the matter if there is no prompt message?

1. Make sure the bracelet is bound to the mobile phone and connected

2. The effective communication range between smart bracelet and mobile phone is generally within 10 meters

3. Make sure that the call reminder function of the bracelet is on, which can be seen in the app, as shown in the figure below

Real time heart rate monitoring setting of heart rate watch

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