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Health watch

Bluetooth health monitoring watch, with heart rate, exercise volume, body temperature monitoring, Bluetooth AOA positioning, SOS and other functions, can meet the health and sports monitoring, at the same time can do position trajectory management, suitable for campus students, community elderly, sports crowd, effectively solve the problem of health and safety management. Provide product development interface, support docking service and support product customization development.


Health watch

B10 intelligent health management watch (hereinafter referred to as "B10") is a multi-functional intelligent management watch with health monitoring and location management as the core, including health, exercise, GPS, SOS, NFC, reminder, information receiving and other functions. It focuses on monitoring heart rate, body temperature, blood oxygen, blood pressure, ECG, stroke risk warning and other health conditions, and is specially designed for middle-aged and elderly people and people in need of chronic diseases,It can be applied to hospitals, nursing homes, home care and other scenes.The device integrates LED display, multi-sensor (acceleration, heart rate, body temperature, blood oxygen, ECG) and other core devices, with built-in upgraded nrf52840 chip, which improves the overall stability and operation performance of the host, and makes the device have super processing ability of complex information. At the same time, the device has the triple positioning functions of Bluetooth indoor and outdoor, GPS and A-GPS, which can realize different functions according to the needs of different scenesIt is a smart assistant to protect the health and safety of the elderly.


essential information

Host size

46mm *46mm * 15mm

Host material

LDS plastic + silica gel


Ultra low power LCD display

Screen size


Control mode

Full screen touch + mechanical buttons

Waterproof grade


NFC label

Passive / 13.56M / guomi CPU card


Long press SOS key for 3 seconds in the power on state to open the positioning and communication and send the distress information

Core parameters

Motherboard chip




Bluetooth version


Bluetooth band


Bluetooth antenna

Built in LDS antenna

GPS mode

Support Beidou and GPS dual satellite navigation system

Support AGPs technology; GPS accuracy < 50m, clock in or press SOS key to start GPS (1: clock in and start GPs need GSM to send location information; 2: press SOS key to start calling and start GPS to upload location information at the same time;)

GPS antenna

Built in LDs

Mobile network-

Mode / band

Nb-iot band information: B3 / B5 / B8 / B18 / B26

Data transmission: single tone: up to 25.5 Kbps (downlink) / 16.7 Kbps (uplink)

Multi tone: up to 25.5 Kbps (downlink) / 62.5 Kbps (uplink)

Mobile network antenna

Built in LDs

Temperature sensor


Acceleration sensor


Heart rate sensor


gyro sensor


EKG Sensor


Blood oxygen sensor


Geomagnetic sensor


Air pressure sensor


Ambient temperature sensor


Electrical performance parameters

Battery type

3.7V lithium battery

Battery capacity


Charging mode

Clip on charging

Charging time


Standby time

Standby for 15 days / continuous working for 7 days

Data upload

Heart rate monitoring

Continuous monitoring / 1Hz / upload every 5 minutes

Blood pressure trend monitoring

5Minute hand monitoring once, upload once

Continuous monitoring of blood oxygen

5Minute hand monitoring once, upload once

Diagnosis and treatment of abnormal ECG

Report the incident and upload it when there is measurement

Fall alarm

Report the incident and upload it when there is measurement

Activity data tracking

Steps, calories, mileage, late expansion, stair climbing, 5 minutes upload

Motion data tracking

Sports event reporting, type, duration, core parameter statistics


matters needing attention

l  The device is equipped with a built-in battery which can not be removed. Please do not replace the battery by yourself to avoid damaging the battery or the device;

l  The equipment is IP67 waterproof, which can meet the requirements of daily waterproof, such as hand washing, shower, etc., but it is not recommended to soak in water for a long time;

l  Use of unauthorized or incompatible power supply, charger or battery may cause fire, explosion or other hazards;

l  Do not put the equipment near the heat source, open fire or the place where high temperature may occur, otherwise the battery may catch fire or explode;

l  In order to ensure the service life of the equipment, do not place the equipment in direct sunlight, such as the dashboard or windowsill of the car.


B10 smart watch can be used in pension institutions, hospitals, community pension platforms, health monitoring and location safety management of the elderly at home


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