Door magnetic alarm, epidemic situation patron saint

Oct. 12, 2021

Recently, the epidemic situation has worsened. During the epidemic period, on the premise of adhering to strict management and control, all localities had to adopt rough methods such as locking doors and blocking channels to implement home isolation and hard control.

So how can community managers always understand the access of users without causing trouble to users? How can we achieve epidemic prevention blockade on the premise of ensuring that the emergency channel is unblocked, so as not to be regarded as a convenient channel for people to escape detection?



At this time, the function of door magnetic alarm is obvious. After the door magnetic alarm is installed on the doors and windows, the switches of the doors and windows will be monitored for 24 hours. If the doors and windows are opened or closed abnormally, the alarm information will be pushed to the designated personnel by means of telephone, SMS, wechat, etc. The application of door magnetic alarm can not only effectively improve the efficiency of epidemic prevention and control, but also greatly reduce human investment.



During the epidemic, Nb IOT door magnetic alarm has repeatedly made great achievements in epidemic prevention and control, provided innovative technical prevention products and intelligent solutions for the safety needs of users, and let people take the initiative in safety.

Intelligent home isolation solution

The smart home isolation solution consists of nb-iot smart door magnet, epidemic prevention and control cloud platform and mobile app.

The door magnetic alarm can be installed at the door frame, window edge, etc. when the distance between the two parts of the door magnetic sensor exceeds 2 cm, the sensor will send an alarm message to the monitoring service platform of the networking center in real time, and remind the isolation personnel to strictly abide by the home isolation regulations through the alarm sound.

Epidemic prevention and control management platform

The door magnetic alarm is small and easy to install. It can be used by pasting double-sided tape on the door frame. Once someone opens the door and wants to go out, the dimension security door magnetic alarm will immediately send the information to the epidemic prevention and control cloud platform and mobile app. The supervisors can check which household isolation personnel open the door and go out without permission in real time, which greatly reduces the regulatory pressure of the community and relevant institutions.

The door magnetic alarm adopts the design of split magnetic induction sensor, judges the opening and closing status of doors and windows by sensing the accessory magnet, reports to the cloud through NB IOT network and notifies relevant personnel in time.

The built-in NB IOT wireless communication module can easily realize ultra-low standby power consumption, and the power can be turned on 1000 times. If it is turned on 3 times a day, the battery life can be up to one year.


Advantages of door magnetic alarm

Simple and efficient

The control of isolated personnel is realized through door magnetic alarm, which is simple to install and use and unified management in the community

Seamless control

The system has 24-hour seamless management and control to solve the problem of fatigue duty of front-line personnel and improve work efficiency

Flexible mode

Provide various options for end users, and the operation management is more flexible

Avoid cross infection

Unmanned remote isolation monitoring is adopted without special personnel to avoid cross infection


In view of the particularity of epidemic isolation and prevention, high-quality terminal hardware equipment is important, and customized epidemic isolation and prevention platform is the key. The door magnetic alarm has developed a home isolation platform system, and all home isolation status can be seen at a glance on the screen of the command center.

At the same time, in order to cooperate with the mobility of community street personnel, Nb IOT door magnetic alarm information can be directly pushed to the corresponding contact person's mobile phone, so that it can rush to the scene for verification and processing at the first time.

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