Smart gym_ Here comes the turning point of the traditional gym

Oct. 25, 2021

With the tide of bankruptcy and the development of the times, many industries are facing difficulties. The traditional gym is the key node of "life and death". The wave of intelligence has come, and the intelligence of the fitness industry is an inevitable trend, but how to coordinate the relationship between users and intelligent fitness and what mode to attract more users are still full of unknowns and challenges.

What's more embarrassing than having a gym card but not going once? I'm afraid it's not easy to find that the gym is closed when I want to exercise once

At present, the intelligent chain gym brand is also popular offline, and various intelligent hardware products have appeared one after another to help the intelligent upgrading of stores. 5g has come, the era of Internet of all things is about to open, and the transformation and upgrading of the fitness industry seems to be more and more urgent.

Challenges faced by traditional fitness industry

With the rapid development of economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the number of middle class and residents' disposable income are increasing, the demand for fitness is also increasing, and the fitness industry has entered a period of rapid development.

At present, the scale of China's fitness industry is about 30 billion yuan, and the number of members has reached 15 million. According to the 2018 China fitness industry data report released by gymsquare, the total turnover of China's top 10 fitness clubs in 2018 was about RMB 10-11 billion. One trillion Wade ranked first with an annual turnover of nearly 2 billion, while the average single store turnover of shushibao was the highest, about 20 million / store.

According to the data reported by China Industry Research Institute, since 2017, the number of fitness members in China has increased to nearly 9 million, a year-on-year increase of 14.97%, while gyms in the same period began to close down one after another. The reason is that the supply and demand of the current fitness market is extremely mismatched, and few people are very satisfied with the current gym. At this stage, traditional fitness is facing various challenges, such as high operating costs, serious dependence on private teaching, uneven level of coaches and so on.

 Internet of things intelligent fitness principle   

Internet of things helps upgrade fitness mode

While the traditional gym is tight, some smart chain gym brands are combining the Internet of things with fitness to detonate offline.

The integration of Internet of things and fitness is first reflected in the intelligent management system. For example, the intelligent access control system is used to complete unattended and reduce the management of special personnel; Use intelligent lighting control system to reasonably adjust lighting resources and reduce waste; Intelligent air conditioning management system is used to intelligently adjust the appropriate temperature and improve user comfort.

Today, these intelligent fitness venues combined with Internet of things technology have begun to blossom everywhere in many cities in China. At present, many smart chain gyms have realized practical functions such as using smart bracelet to access the door, using bracelet to open the locker in the dressing room, using bracelet to open the faucet, using bracelet to open the treadmill, using app to understand sports data, make appointments, and buy membership cards. For users, this series of intelligent upgrades can improve the user experience and make users more comfortable; For businesses, intelligent upgrading can effectively reduce operating costs and achieve 24h service.

Up to now, Internet of things solutions mainly include intelligent access control, intelligent channel, intelligent lockers, intelligent front desk all-in-one machine, intelligent body tester, intelligent heart rate system, intelligent treadmill and other intelligent Internet of things devices with software and hardware integration.

At the application level, in addition to the basic utility of intelligent devices in improving efficiency, increasing revenue and greatly improving the experience of members, it will also maximize the use of a series of data generated by Internet of things devices to assist venue management and enter the era of intelligent and digital big data marketing. Specifically, the gym can analyze all data generated by members from admission to departure, track member behavior, conduct detailed data analysis, establish data model, have a more comprehensive understanding of the member, and formulate corresponding marketing plans for the member's behavior data. By integrating transaction data and Internet of things data, enrich the marketing analysis and prediction of venues, and quickly create a personalized and accurate marketing scheme.

The rise of Internet fitness brands

In the Internet age, Internet enterprises are always at the forefront of science and technology. With the advent of the era of the Internet of things, Internet enterprises often respond first.

At present, the intelligent training plan function can deduce and calculate the suitable motion scheme for the user through the prediction of the user's motion ability, including the user's subjective "self-assessment" and objective "motion ability test", combined with the intelligent algorithm. Moreover, its course automatic generation system can also automatically generate a course from the action, and formulate a series of course generation rules according to the characteristics of the action, such as gender, difficulty, muscle point, posture, capacity and rest time, so as to screen out the logical training courses through rule generation.

Upgrading does not mean peace of mind

Despite the rise of major intelligent fitness brands, whether online or offline, fitness is linked to intelligence, but intelligence does not mean that you can "make money lying down" in the future

The wave of intelligence has come, and the intelligence of the fitness industry is an inevitable trend, but how to coordinate the relationship between users and intelligent fitness and what mode to attract more users are still full of unknowns and challenges. It can be predicted that intelligent fitness is the blue ocean in the future, but it will still be full of "sword and sword shadow" in a few years.

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