UWB personnel positioning solution

Nov. 28, 2021

What can UWB positioning technology do?

Imyfit is a positioning system developed based on UWB indoor positioning technology for scenes requiring high-precision positioning. Its positioning accuracy can reach centimeter level. It has the advantages of high precision, high dynamic, high capacity and low power consumption. It can be applied to public security and justice, hospitals, nursing homes, science and technology museums, factories, precision sports training and other scenes.

Compared with traditional indoor positioning technology, UWB has narrow time domain signal and strong time resolution. The time difference between receiving multipath reflection delay signal and direct signal is generally greater than pulse width. Therefore, UWB signal can be separated in time domain. Therefore, UWB indoor positioning technology can quickly extract direct signals to achieve accurate positioning.


 Hardware equipment based on UWB indoor personnel positioning

1. UWB tag

Personnel who need to be located are equipped with positioning tags (mainly positioning tags, smart watches, etc.). When the tag enters the signal coverage of the positioning base station, it will automatically establish contact with the base station and send signals to determine the tag position. Each tag has a unique ID number. The ID number is bound with the identity of the matching personnel, and the action track of the monitoring personnel can be seen in the display background.



2. UWB base station

The UWB base station is deployed at the geometric edge of the area requiring personnel to locate and fully cover the signal of the area. The main function of UWB positioning base station is to upload the data information and positioning information of the detection tag to the server for data summary and positioning algorithm analysis.

TDOA algorithm is adopted in the positioning algorithm. TDOA positioning is a method of positioning by using time difference. Compare the data information values greater than or equal to 3 and calculate the specific coordinate values. Therefore, accurate positioning generally consists of more than three positioning base stations, which can receive the UWB signals sent by the positioning terminal (i.e. positioning tag) and analyze the relationship between them, Calculate the signal propagation delay, and calculate the position coordinates through the positioning engine algorithm.



UWB indoor personnel positioning-   Base station deployment principle

1、 0-dimensional positioning

Also known as presence detection,   It is generally used in small rooms or small spaces in toilets. A positioning base station is installed in the area to realize the presence detection and statistics of personnel in the area.

2、1-dimensional positioning

One dimensional positioning is the application of ranging. It is applied to long and narrow areas, such as indoor space aisle and tunnel. The positioning accuracy is not particularly high. It only needs to locate the relative position of the target in this aisle.

3、2-dimensional positioning

Two dimensional positioning needs to determine the X and Y coordinate values of the space, and determine the specific coordinate position of the label in the map through three or more UWB base stations.

4、3-dimensional positioning

For three-dimensional positioning, i.e. three-dimensional coordinates (x, y, z), when the UWB base station is erected, the height difference of the z-axis needs to be specially opened to ensure the accuracy on the z-axis.



What application management can be used for UWB indoor personnel positioning

1. Personnel real-time positioning management

Visually view the location distribution and personnel statistics of personnel, so as to facilitate work dispatch and improve management efficiency. In case of abnormal dangerous situation, rapid rescue action can be realized according to personnel location information.

2. Quick personnel search

Directly enter the person's name or job number at the monitoring end to find the current location of the specified person. If video linkage is provided, the video of the person's location can be popped up at the same time to view the person's status.

3. Long time static warning

UWB positioning system has the function of "motionless" behavior monitoring. When an employee is in a dangerous state (such as coma) and cannot actively alarm, and the motionless time exceeds the set time, the system will send early warning information to remind the manager to rescue in time, so as to prevent missing the best time for rescue without being found.

4. Electronic fence

UWB positioning system can divide different areas and set access permissions for corresponding staff. When personnel enter areas beyond their authority, the system will give early warning. The electronic fence function will ensure the safety of special areas or alarm people going out illegally.

5. Historical movement trace tracing

The personnel movement track can be stored for a long time to provide decision-making basis for event processing, and the personnel movement track within the specified time period can be played back by personnel or area.

6. Video linkage

The combination of UWB positioning system and monitoring equipment can also realize the function of video linkage. When the operators in a certain area initiate the alarm for help, or the electronic fence is triggered, the management personnel can view the on-site video screen, so that the management personnel can understand the on-site situation and deal with it at the first time, improve the emergency handling capacity and reduce accident casualties.

7. SOS alarm

The UWB positioning tag worn by personnel has the function of emergency help. When personnel encounter an accident, they can immediately press the button for help, and the background can carry out rescue according to the rescue position, so as to reduce accident losses and casualties.

UWB indoor personnel positioning  -  Imyfit advantages

1. Hardware self research, development and production, manufacturer's supply

2. Product docking is more convenient and fast

3. The positioning accuracy is high, and the positioning error is no more than 30cm

4. Strong positioning stability, anti-interference and anti occlusion

5. Positioning products have long service life, and intelligent products also have health sign monitoring function

6. Various positioning modes: seamless switching between 0-D, 1-D, 2-D and 3-D

7. Provide a third-party interface to integrate with the third-party system

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