The remote temperature monitoring system

Dec. 06, 2021

The real-time temperature monitoring system developed and launched by IMYFIT has been successfully applied in many schools. The system has the functions of real-time continuous temperature measurement and intelligent early warning. As long as the group personnel wear the detection hardware (body temperature paste or body temperature bracelet) and automatically transmit the data to the cloud platform through the Bluetooth gateway, the managers of schools, hospitals, nursing homes and other institutions can view the real-time body temperature of all the detected personnel on the cloud platform. The real-time temperature monitoring system has the characteristics of high efficiency, real-time, accuracy and rapid deployment. It plays an important role in epidemic prevention and control for school resumption and hospital patient temperature monitoring.



System composition diagram


The real-time body temperature monitoring system has the functions of real-time monitoring data, abnormal body temperature triggering early warning, SMS notification during early warning, close contact warning, intimate contact record tracking, etc. it is a complete application system including detection equipment, transmission equipment and cloud platform. The system has complex temperature and distance algorithm technology and scheme design, But the deployment is surprisingly simple and fast.

As we all know, traditional intelligent application systems require a lot of preparation work before they are put into use. A series of work, such as deployment, installation, setting and connection, requires a long time and labor cost. For institutions or parks that need to be used urgently, this inefficient and complex system is undoubtedly not a good choice.


Fast deployment, easy installation and use on the same day

The real-time body temperature monitoring system has the advantages of rapid deployment and rapid landing. Our health professionals provide one-stop deployment services for installation, setting, connection and background operation demonstration. Even schools with tens of thousands of people can complete all deployment work and hand it over for use on the same day, completely simplifying the Internet of things application system, Truly realize the scenario based and convenient service of the Internet of things.


For institutions that need to land urgently, plan to strengthen epidemic prevention, and have high requirements for temperature measurement accuracy and real-time, the real-time temperature monitoring system is the best choice. A set of system is sufficient to monitor the body temperature of large flow groups, minimize the labor cost and time cost, improve the temperature measurement efficiency and reduce the health risk of personnel. The application of the system not only lies in the resumption of classes in epidemic schools, but also plays a monitoring and early warning role in patient temperature monitoring in hospitals and health monitoring of the elderly in nursing homes.

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