Smart campus health and safety management platform

Dec. 25, 2021

From smart education to smart campus and then to smart classroom, the finely divided structure reflects the unstoppable development speed of smart education. So what are the aspects of smart campus? What's the practical use?

Smart campus health and safety management platform

Smart campus is mainly reflected in intelligent non sensory attendance, access control, intelligent payment, health monitoring, smart classroom, location safety management, etc. it focuses on health and safety monitoring, which we will introduce in detail. The health monitoring system aims at various physical education teaching activities and physical fitness testing activities carried out by the school, and comprehensively collects students' physical health big data through intelligent physical education teaching equipment, physical fitness testing equipment and intelligent wearable equipment.

Health and location management platform features:

1. The platform can automatically collect and analyze multi terminal data, and seamlessly connect with the national student physical health standard test data management and submission system.

2. Provide the decomposition resource database of standard actions of professional physical education courses, and the system can intelligently analyze the standards of physical activities.

3. Intelligently push the physical health analysis report and formulate a personalized physical health improvement plan.

4. Monitor physical health data and automatically warn of abnormal conditions.

5. Master the location of personnel on campus in real time, and can make big data analysis of activity track.

IMYFIT smart bracelet is a product specially designed for smart campus. It has the functions of health monitoring, NFC, location positioning and classroom question answering. It cooperates with the system management platform to realize intelligent and efficient campus management.

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