Open SDK programmable smart heart rate watch (bracelet)

May. 11, 2021

Smart heart rate bracelet is another business model in the market at present. According to the smart heart rate Bracelet SDK, customers carry out the secondary development of the bracelet, and work out the best solution according to the unique application scenarios of the smart bracelet.

The open standard SDK of imyfit smart heart rate bracelet, on the one hand, provides customers with hardware for third-party development and application, on the other hand, Wukong also provides Bluetooth gateway device, and also provides API interface to assist docking with the client's software management platform, which can realize real-time data transmission, monitoring and management, such as smart campus health and safety management, smart campus health and safety management, smart campus health and safety management, smart campus health and safety management Intelligent training real-time data analysis and management, intelligent prison health and location safety management, etc.

Imyfit provides smart Bracelet + gateway base station for different scenarios. All products provide SDK, payment secondary development and multi-channel platform management. For details, you can inquire or leave a message online.

The advent of Internet big data era tells us the business opportunities brought by data sharing, which can facilitate the third-party research and development and application according to the original data, typical samples, data sharing and other ways. The implementation of the basic signal database sharing scheme makes the smart Bracelet market operate more flexibly, conforms to the thinking of the Internet big data era, and provides a good development platform for young people with good ideas.

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