Intelligent blood pressure watch and electronic blood pressure meter which good?

May. 20, 2021

Sphygmomanometer has been developed for many years. The measured value will be more reassuring. It is also a powerful auxiliary tool for health treatment. But as a home or personal use, blood pressure measurement trouble, measured data is not good to statistical analysis, personal measurement is the value will let people rest assured.

Sphygmomanometer and blood pressure watch

Smart watches may make people feel that the measurement is not accurate. Some simple smart watches on the market only measure blood pressure by heart rate, and many of them only sell one   Gimmicks, coupled with the rough algorithm, of course, the results of the test are not accurate, so many people feel that the smart watch is not accurate in measuring blood pressure. This is the end of a professional blood pressure watch. Now the sensing technology has come up. The PPG sensor of the watch is measured by the fingertip, which is almost the same as the sphygmomanometer. It can reach the medical level. The main thing is that you can take it with you at any time when you want to test it. You can also see the data of each period in the background of app, which is more convenient for analysis and tracking treatment. In the later stage, more people may use it, which is also a trend. Imyfit B10 blood pressure watch measurement is very accurate, you can understand the next.

IMYFIG Blood pressure watch

Smart blood pressure watch and electronic sphygmomanometer can only say that each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Of course, as a hospital medical use, sphygmomanometer should still be the main one. For the time being, both have their own advantages and can not be replaced.

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