Anti detachable positioning watch, specially designed for prisoners

Jun. 09, 2021

  In many movies and TV plays, we can see the life of prisoners in prison. Although the real situation in real life is not as exaggerated as the plot, it is almost the same. Because the life of prisoners in prison is often restricted, some prisoners will begin to yearn for the outside world, and some of them may escape. Once the prison break is successful, it will not only pose a threat to the society, but also the country will devote more resources to finding criminals. With the anti detachable positioning watch, it can kill the prisoners' idea of prison break to a certain extent. Even if they put it into action, the watch can also make it invisible and exposed to the sun.

Anti detachable positioning watch

  With the continuous improvement of demand, there are many enterprises producing anti disassembly positioning watches in the market. Imyfit's judicial anti dismantling Bluetooth watch is a prison watch. Through the layout of the base station, it can read the prisoners' physical health data, status, location, activity track tracking and identity recognition, so as to make a scientific analysis and understanding of the prisoners' current status. For example, the more prisoners who wear watches tend to report to the police automatically, so as to avoid malignant accidents and improve the quality and efficiency of overall prison safety management.

  The existence of the prison is to reform and manage those who violate the law, so that these people can "change their face" and become a law-abiding person after they get out of prison. The appearance of the anti dismantling positioning watch can ensure that the prison can better exercise its responsibility.

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