Smart watch for primary school students to protect all aspects of children

Jul. 07, 2021

  With the development of the times, whether primary school students or high school students are facing more and more external threats, for the school and parents, the management difficulty is gradually increasing. But in the face of such a situation, are parents at a loss? No, a smart watch for primary school students can provide the most practical help to schools and parents.

Student Health Watch


  In learning: imyfit smart watch for primary school students has a focus analysis function, which can analyze the attention of students in class, so that teachers and parents can understand it at the first time, and then make solutions to specific problems.

  In terms of personal health and safety: now there are more and more accidents in primary school students. Parents and school teachers can't provide 24-hour protection for children, so when parents and teachers can't protect children, the smart watch of primary school students is the biggest safety guarantee for children. The watch has the functions of school reminder, real-time positioning, heart rate and motion detection, and message push. Through the message push function, the current position and status of the child can be shared with teachers or parents, so that they can more directly understand the current status of the child.

  Other aspects: the student smart watch also has the ID function, every pupil wearing the watch has a designated ID number, and the managers can also use different colors to mark different roles, so that the "monitoring" is clear at a glance.

  As a vulnerable group in the society, if you, as a parent, as a school administrator, can't guarantee the safety of students 100%, then you should configure a smart watch for it, so that it can be found.

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