Failure and solution of blood pressure watch

Sep. 20, 2021

With the increase of hypertension in society, all kinds of blood pressure measuring instruments have developed rapidly, among which smart blood pressure watches are most loved by consumers. For the instrument, it is easy to cause faults when the user operates improperly. The following describes the common faults and solutions of the blood pressure watch.

Health tracking Watch

In today's increasingly developed wearable devices, a variety of smart watches emerge in endlessly. If there is a wearable device that can measure blood pressure, it can really provide great convenience to the majority of patients. How to operate the blood pressure watch to achieve the best effect?

1、 Blood pressure watch parameter setting

The blood pressure watch is supported by health cloud data. The user can set the blood pressure safety value range. Before entering the app corresponding to the blood pressure watch, the user's age, height, weight and other data need to be filled in. If the user fills in the wrong data, there will be deviation in the blood pressure warning range, which can not play a good warning effect.

2、 Blood pressure watch measurement times

The smart watch for measuring blood pressure needs to measure two to three times and then take the average value, which is more accurate.

3、 Blood pressure watch measurement method

The measurement method of the blood pressure watch is to sit upright and then lift the arm flat. Because the measurement method of the intelligent blood pressure watch is the PTT principle of the medical community, the time difference between the blood from the heart to the extremities is obtained through scientific calculation, so as to obtain the human blood pressure value. So measuring posture is also important.

4、 Automatic shutdown of blood pressure watch

When the blood pressure watch stops working, it is usually caused by the battery running out of power or the watch is flooded. Such problems can be avoided with a little attention.

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