What should you pay attention to when using heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen watch?

Nov. 18, 2021

The health problem of the middle-aged and the elderly is a matter of concern to everyone. For hypertension, diabetes and heart disease patients, it is very necessary to understand their health in real time. Recently, Wukong Health launched a heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen watch B10 with all-round health monitoring. It can record various data of the body at any time. When the data is abnormal, you can ask the doctor to understand the situation to avoid delaying the best treatment period.

For B10, its target population is not only the elderly, but also very suitable for the first recovery of serious diseases, hypertension and heart patients. Is the actual operation of B10 complicated? What should we pay attention to when using?

Heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen watch B10 and ordinary blood pressure watch still have great technical progress. There is no need for pressure test, and the method of pressure test of blood pressure is also harmful to the body. B10 uses the principle of red light reflection to monitor the user's blood pressure and blood oxygen. When using B10, you only need to wear it completely, put your arm naturally on the desktop table, maintain the level with the heart, and tilt your palm. B10 has monitoring functions such as step counting, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen and ECG. After opening B10, select the mode you want to apply, and you can use it normally. Try to adjust your posture during the detection process. After monitoring, you can compare it with our cloud data to monitor your health status in real time. It is another technological innovation in the field of smart blood pressure watch.

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