Main application scenarios of UWB positioning technology

Jul. 15, 2021

    UWB (ultra wide band) low-power short-range high-speed transmission wireless technology, with high precision less than 30cm location, strong anti interference, long distance (200-500m), real-time, confidentiality and other main features, has been widely used in major industries, let's see what specific scenarios it should be in.

Application of UWB positioning technology

1、 Warehouse storage

    Personnel positioning, goods positioning, forklift positioning, through accurate positioning, can realize digital management, real-time view the position and track of employees, improve the efficiency of post inspection, warehouse goods location and quantity supervision, through the rapid location of goods, can prevent the loss of goods.

2、 Judicial prison

    Through the accurate positioning of judicial anti Folding Bracelet, the real-time accurate position of personnel can be grasped in real time. With this kind of intelligent management, such as counting the number of people within the scope, electronic fence, crowd analysis, cross regional alarm, the accident can be prevented in advance, and the event trajectory analysis after the accident can be carried out, so as to improve the management efficiency and global security.

3、 Tunnel, coal mine and underground operation

    The safety helmet is put into the UWB label to accurately locate the position of workers. By deploying the UWB positioning system, the position of workers can be accurately located to ensure the construction quality and progress. Special accidents can be quickly rescued through the position.

4、 Airport

    In the airport, UWB positioning system can provide navigation path for passengers through mobile devices. Passengers can easily find the waiting area, boarding gate, baggage claim area and so on to avoid missing flights.

    For the airport management, through UWB positioning analysis of passenger density information in different areas, it can speed up the measurement of queuing progress, simplify passenger flow and reduce the occurrence of congestion in the whole airport.

5、 Power grid and petrochemical

    In power plants, visitors' location is accurately managed to prevent them from entering dangerous areas, and operators and inspectors are accurately positioned to make work attendance and personnel statistics more intelligent.

6、 Sports training

    Accurate positioning of sports, basketball and football training and positioning of middle and long distance running training are used to analyze movement track and movement data and realize digital teaching.

    Other scenes such as museums, parks, scenic spots and exhibition halls can be widely used. UWB is suitable for the application scenarios that need accurate location and the location range is less than 30cm. I control-   Personnel health and location management

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