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UWB prevent disassembly watch

The judicial anti dismantling smart watch R8 can monitor personnel's position, physiological health data and activity track, realize personnel health status monitoring and analysis, personnel cross-border alarm, emergency track investigation and analysis and other functions, prevent malignant accidents in advance, and improve the overall intelligent safety management. Provide product development interface, support docking service and support product customization development.


UWB prevent disassembly watch

R9 is a professional watch with high-precision heart rate monitoring and positioning. The device integrates motion and heart rate sensors, which can continuously monitor heart rate changes and automatically identify activity status. The built-in ble5.0 module is compatible with a variety of Bluetooth protocols and IP68 waterproof design, so that the device can be used normally in various harsh environments. The watch strap has the function of anti disassembly alarm. The whole machine does not use any metal shell. It is safe and reliable to wear. It also has the important characteristics of low power consumption and low power electromagnetic radiation. It is especially suitable for prison, detention center, drug treatment center and other scenes to monitor the position and heart rate of indoor personnel. It can communicate with UWB and nb-iot.

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essential information

Host size


Host material

PC + carbon fiber

Band Length


Band Material

silica gel

Watch buckle

stainless steel




Mechanical key + touch key

Band Color

Default black (customizable blue, green)

Waterproof grade


Core parameters

master control

Arm -- cortex M4 kernel



Acceleration sensor

3Axis acceleration sensor

Heart rate sensor

PPG (photoplethysmography) ultra low power, high precision, dynamic heart rate sensor

Blood pressure sensor

PTT principle and measurement principle are recognized by the medical profession

Display (optional)

No screen design, color screen design

Electrical performance parameters




750 / 1000mha (1000mha without display, 750mha with display)

Charging mode

Magnetic suction charging

Power requirements

5V 1A

Charging time

Charge for 2 hours

Standby time

3More than 12 months

Continuous heart rate test

Up to 30 days

Bluetooth parameters

Ble standard

BLE4.0/ 5.0

wireless spectrum


Transmitting power


Receiving sensitivity

- 95 ~ - 105dBm

Positioning range

R8n indoor and outdoor positioning: indoor radius 25m, outdoor radius 50m

R8b / r8bs Bluetooth Judicial Watch: indoor radius 25m, outdoor radius 50m

R8u / r8us UWB indoor positioning Watch: 10-30cm


1. Reliability: the watch adopts built-in screw structure and highly anti disassembly design, which can not be disassembled by non professionals; the watch strap has built-in FPC circuit, which can automatically alarm when forced to disassemble. The shell is made of high strength carbon fiber material, which is resistant to high temperature and impact. The tensile test reaches 100 kg.

2. Safety: there is no metal leakage in the overall structure, and the watch strap does not contain metal materials and sharp materials, so as to prevent prisoners from dismantling, swallowing and other dangerous behaviors;

3. Easy maintenance: the watch is equipped with a large capacity battery, with a capacity of up to 1000mha and a maximum service life of more than 3 months. It supports external mobile power supply and centralized charging.

4. Health monitoring: the built-in heart rate sensor module provides real-time action recognition and continuous heart rate monitoring, which can expand the real-time wrist surface temperature monitoring.

5. Waterproof: the equipment adopts IP68 waterproof design, no need to take off the watch in shower and hand washing, no fear of water environment.

6. Distinguishability: each device has a corresponding ID number, which is accurate and easy to distinguish.


udicial anti dismantling positioning watch is suitable for detention center, drug treatment center, prison, police station and other places to strengthen the monitoring and management of temporary control personnel, as well as evidence collection and risk prevention; it is suitable for the management of personnel with low risk, low power consumption, continuous use up to 3 months, low maintenance cost, and can realize continuous data acquisition with Bluetooth gateway of our company, with simple interface and fast access Enter the cloud management platform.

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