Smart campus smart wearable management solution

Jun. 25, 2021

School student health and location management system

The intelligent Bluetooth terminal uploads data to the server through the Bluetooth gateway;Background intelligent identification control or manual operation to achieve intelligent control management

Smart campus solution


The function and value of the scheme   

Integrating NFC function to realize access control management and campus micro payment

The big data analysis of students' position positioning, senseless attendance and behavior track is convenient for students' safety management

Real time health data monitoring of heart rate and exercise volume can effectively manage students' exercise, work and rest, sleep, especially in boarding schools

Increase classroom interaction, easy to follow up students' learning effect, effective evaluation of teaching quality

Integrate big database to realize more additional expansion


Structure diagram of smart campus personnel management system

Structure diagram of smart campus personnel management system.jpg

Application of Bracelet in smart campus

Imyfit provides one stop hardware integration

Imyfit has developed and produced intelligent terminals and intelligent gateway devices, and provided Bluetooth gateway and intelligent Bracelet hardware products,

Provide hardware API interface, provide demo build, provide seamless docking service for system integrators




Campus smart Bracelet 

To meet the needs of the school for student ID, location management, school consumption, work and rest monitoring, real-time heart rate data, sports data collection and management, and effectively solve the management and safety problems of boarding middle school students.


Smart student ID 

With positioning, ID, broadcast message push, attendance, access card, SOS, micro payment, interactive answering and other basic functions, it can expand more additional applications of student ID card.Designed for intelligent education and management of campus students



Indoor Bluetooth gateway

Remote control of ble equipment, receiving the data sent by ble equipment and forwarding to the background server, up and down two-way data transmission, single gateway coverage of 20-50m, mainly in the classroom and other indoor venues.




Outdoor Bluetooth gateway 

Remote control ble equipment, lightning protection and waterproof structure design, up and down two-way data transmission, single gateway coverage of up to 200m, mainly in the playground and other outdoor venues.

The main application of the product is campus, justice, pension institutions and other scenarios.

Kindergarten temperature and Pick up management plan

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