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Mar. 10, 2021

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Internet of things smart hospital patient personnel positioning monitoring management scheme is mainly designed for the safety monitoring management of the elderly and weak patients, mental patients, cancer patients, infectious diseases and nursing workers in the hospital. It can realize the all-weather or designated period of pre-warning management of hospitalized patients and special patients, effectively reduce the workload of guardians, especially the workload at night, and improve the quality of lifeIt improves the safety of personnel and the reliability of management, and prevents the occurrence of elderly patients, mental disorders, cancer patients and other lost, or suicides.

In addition to real-time location monitoring for patients, the scheme can also set up an electronic fence. When it is out of the range of the electronic fence, the system will send an early warning to inform the management personnel to control in time.In addition, when the patient goes out of the hospital, it can be quickly retrieved through GPS or Beidou Positioning.

The scheme can monitor and early warn the behavior track and body state in a specific period of time, and automatically alarm in case of abnormality or emergency. The medical staff can take measures in time, react quickly, avoid accidents, and realize the whole process supervision information of patients from rest, diet, exercise, treatment, entertainment, etc., which can help the hospital improve personnel safety and reduce the risk of accidentsObjective to explore the role of medical staff work pressure and save hospital work cost.


design scheme 

1.Design principles

Realize the effective identification of personnel, make the system management embody "humanization, informatization and high automation"

Provide the hospital with information query of attendance, personnel access restrictions and other aspects

Real time alarm, through the system can immediately know all kinds of real-time alarm information, ensure the efficient operation of hospital safety work

The security, expansibility, maintainability and operability of the system design

The radiation of positioning label to human body meets the requirements of the government

The system equipment meets the requirements of anti disassembly, waterproof, shockproof and explosion-proof in hospital management

2.System architecture

The infrastructure of the real-time positioning system for mental patients is as follows:

The positioning system for mental patients mainly consists of the following five parts

(1) Personnel positioning label: including electronic wristwatch worn by patients and work card worn by staff.The positioning tag continuously broadcasts the positioning data and physical signs data.

(2) UWB positioning base station: receives the data broadcast by the personnel positioning tag, and forwards the data to the positioning engine through the network.At the same time, the location base station can also integrate data, voice, video, location and other services. Multiple applications can be transmitted on the same platform without interference and influence.

(3) Location engine: receive the data from the location base station, and calculate the location of the tag through TDOA location algorithm.And the location information is transmitted to the location management system.

(4) Location management system: used to receive the location information from the location engine, and display the label position on the plan.At the same time, the positioning management system can also be used for label management, label tracking, alarm and so on.

(5) Integrated third-party system: the positioning data received by the positioning management system can be integrated with the existing video monitoring system, broadcasting system, access control system and fire control system of the hospital, so as to realize more abundant functions.


3.Solution diagram

In all places of the hospital: houses, roads, walls and other places to install base stations, cameras, speakers and other monitoring equipment.In case of private cross regional behavior, dismantling or cutting labels, abnormal physical signs and other behaviors, the camera immediately captures and records the scene situation, and the central control room gives an audible and visual alarm.


4.Base station equipment deployment

(1) Design principle of positioning base station

The base station is mainly used to receive the data broadcast by the location tag and transmit the data to the location engine.

Because the positioning base station adopts the technology of positioning transmission, the positioning principle is based on TDOA positioning algorithm.The coverage distance of the positioning base station is 500m outdoors and 30-60m indoors (this is the value in the open area without shelter, if there is shelter, the range will be reduced).Therefore, whether indoor or outdoor, as long as the label is covered by three base stations in the location signal coverage area, accurate positioning can be achieved.

(2) Deployment principle of positioning base station 

The base station can be deployed in any area that needs positioning coverage. In the open area, the communication distance between the base station and the label is about 500 meters. In the indoor environment, due to the influence of various factors such as the pattern, the general deployment spacing is about 10-60 meters.

According to the requirements of different regions or position accuracy, 0-dimensional, 1-dimensional and 2-dimensional hybrid positioning can be implemented.For example, 0-dimensional positioning can be used in toilets and small rooms to detect the presence of rooms; 1-dimensional positioning can be used in corridors and corridors; 2-dimensional positioning can be used in outdoor or large rooms to locate the specific point of large space.As shown in the figure:


(3) Design scheme of positioning base station in psychiatric hospital (example)

There are 20 rooms, 1 corridor and 8 toilets in a psychiatric hospital in Shenzhen. According to the 0-dimensional, 1-dimensional and 2-dimensional positioning mode, a total of 58 UWB base stations are set up. The specific deployment form is as follows:



5.Personnel positioning management system

In addition to the real-time positioning and monitoring function, we can also realize the access management of personnel and the security protection alarm function of medical staff.The positioning management software system can be designed as the following subsystems and functions

a. Personnel positioning management system

b. Personnel sports health management system

c. Interface with other external systems

Personnel positioning management system refers to the basic configuration management function of the system necessary for personnel positioning function, including the following five functional modules: indoor monitoring, outdoor monitoring, data analysis, hospital information management and system configuration.




System function introduction


1.Real time positioning of personnel Area

It can locate the area of the person wearing the positioning label or positioning Bracelet in real time and display it on the map of the monitoring end.

2.Regional personnel statistics and electronic roll call

Statistics of attendance number and actual number of people in each region, as well as the actual number of people in a specific region, compared with the number of people who should arrive, to determine whether the personnel are in full.And show the name of the absent person.

3. personnel search

At the monitoring end, the program can enter the name or tag number to find the current position of the designated person, and pop up the video of the person's position at the same time.

4.The alarm disappears

It can focus on monitoring some tags. When these tags leave the designated area or disappear, the system will find the corresponding alarm.

5.Cross the border, leave the police

Some areas belong to important areas, and the alarm message will be sent out if the unauthorized personnel enter.It can also be set in some areas that some personnel are not allowed to leave within the set time. If they leave or disappear, the system will give an alarm.

6.Alarm for long residence time

Some specific areas can be set, and the person to be located can't enter these areas for more than a specified time, and the system will give an alarm after a specified time.

7.Track playback

You can query the moving track of a specified person and a specified period of time. In this period, you can play the active track.

8.Monitoring function

To monitor the signals of toilet, bathroom and canteen within the scope of patients' free activities, so as to prevent the abnormal behaviors of patients in the area from causing personal injury. When there are abnormal signals such as illegal crossing, signal disappearance and disassembly, the central control room can immediately respond to the signal characteristics, identify the signals at the location and give an alarm at any time.

9.Life and health status of testing personnel

The anti disassembly positioning watch can detect the heart rate and movement of the patient, and display the physical signs of the person on the terminal. If the heart rate is abnormal or there is no walking for a long time, an early warning message will be sent to remind the staff to check.

10.Physical condition of testing personnel

The anti disassembly positioning watch can detect the state of the patient, and the acceleration sensor is integrated in the watch to detect and judge whether the person is in slight or severe exercise.

11.Watch anti disassembly alarm

As long as the watch is removed, the system will give an alarm; whether it is cut or removed with tools, the system will give an alarm.

12.Watch low battery alarm

You can set the low power limit in the system. Once the power of the watch or work card is lower than this limit, an alarm message will be sent out.At this time, it needs to be charged as soon as possible, and it can be charged in a fixed period.

13.Medical staff for help

Medical staff wear positioning card. When they encounter danger or need help, they just need to press the SOS function key of the card. The system will display the information of the person and location, and call out the video of the nearby camera.

14.personnel leaving for recovery

The system supports positioning inside and outside the park. The watch supports indoor UWB positioning, outdoor GPS or Beidou Positioning. When people go out abnormally, they can be quickly retrieved through GPS positioning on the platform.


Technical parameters of equipment


1. anti disassembly positioning Watch


Product introduction

The anti disassembly wristband watch is made of special materials with simple design and powerful functions.The product has the outstanding characteristics of ultra-low power consumption and rechargeable, long service life, low average cost, maintenance free, safety and health to human body, no electromagnetic radiation pollution, safer use and so on.It can complete the automatic identification of personnel and the automatic investigation of legal identity.

Main parameters and product selection 



2.Positioning card


Product introduction

I-series smart cards, including I-B, I-U / I-US, I-N / i-ns, i-g and I-L, are classified into five types based on different communication modes (s is the screen version, hereinafter referred to as I-B, I-U / I-US, I-N / i-ns, i-g and I-L). It is a personnel management terminal product for enterprises.For different types of enterprises and indoor and outdoor types, select the corresponding type of work card.After employees wear smart cards (smart cards), they can achieve intelligent attendance, location management, sign in, call for help and other functions, so as to achieve more efficient employee management level.

Main parameters and selection of products



3.UWB positioning base station


Based on UWB technology, it provides accurate positioning and tracking communication equipment for people and mobile devices in the Internet of things scenario.W01 positioning base station adopts TDOA positioning technology, which is deployed in a group of four base stations. It can be deployed in multiple groups and support multiple data communication functions. Customers can easily deploy their own IOT control system to realize intelligent management of personnel location.The base station fully combines the long-distance coverage, multi terminal access, high concurrency, network security and other important factors, and cooperates with the health terminal equipment and Internet of things control platform of Wukong to realize the functions of precise positioning, terminal access, data forwarding and so on.

Product parameters



Intelligent hospital indoor personnel positioning - UWB positioning scheme

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