Intelligent hospital indoor personnel positioning - UWB positioning scheme

Jun. 15, 2021

     Positioning instructions             

    Base station layout is carried out according to the actual area and environment of indoor rooms, corridors and stairs in the hospital. Through the base station, it is connected into a whole positioning network to ensure that each area can achieve high-precision positioning. People with labels can achieve high-precision seamless indoor positioning between each room and each positioning unit.

     Positioning group             

    Hospital staff and patients can also locate valuable medical machinery.


     Platform composition             

    1UWB positioning label: positioning card and positioning bracelet worn by staff and patients;
    2UWB base station: receive the location data sent by the tag, and the base station is fixed in the set area of the hospital;
    3System software platform: information display and data management, early warning, etc., for integrated intelligent digital management.


 working principle               

After receiving the location tag signal, the UWB base station transmits the data to the location server after calculation. The location engine software in the location server displays the location of the personnel and displays the specific location through the electronic map.The point connected by each position becomes the behavior track.

Smart hospital personnel positioning platform 


     Main functions of the system    

    1In the case of static personnel, the positioning accuracy is less than or equal to 0.3m, the basic probability is 96.28%, and there may be some deviation in the case of special needs.
    2The positioning accuracy of the system is about 0.3-0.5m when people are in dynamic activities.
    3The system is for industrial application, and can work continuously without affecting normal use.
    4There is no 6-8ghz or nearby wireless signal in the field, the system is not interfered, and there is no interference to the original wireless signal band in the field.
    5When the UWB 30cm signal passes through the wall, there will be a certain error, about around.
    6It can locate the exact position in real time and view it in real time.
    7Electronic fence, track playback, early warning and other comprehensive applications.


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