Which smart heart rate watch is the most accurate?

Apr. 10, 2021

Intelligent health monitoring products are gradually emerging in the field of intelligent wearable devices, which focus more on the health monitoring of users and scientific sports planning. With the increasing pressure of life, the whole people are concerned about whether their health status is in sub-health status, and timely adjust their diet, life and exercise according to their own status.

With the increase of demand, there are all kinds of smart heart rate watches for measuring heart rate in the market Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. At present, there are four heart rate measurement methods in the market: "cloud data monitoring", "photoelectric transmission measurement", "ECG testing" and "vibration measurement". Of course, there are various combinations. According to the market survey of various products, which is more accurate?

At present, photoelectric transmission measurement is the most common measurement method in the market. The sensor that contacts the watch with the skin will send out a beam of light to hit the skin to measure the reflected / transmitted light. Because the blood can absorb the light of a specific wavelength, every time the heart pumps blood, the wavelength will be absorbed a lot, so that the heartbeat can be determined. This kind of method is also verified by clinical medicine. The method of measuring heart rate with green light has been made into a watch for medical equipment to detect real-time heart rate changes. Photoelectric transmission measurement is the most accurate and scientific way to measure heart rate at present. Imyfit intelligent heart rate watch adopts photoelectric projection measurement technology. The product can formulate scientific exercise scheme according to the heart rate of consumers, so that users can completely get rid of the problems caused by sub-health.

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