Judicial positioning watch controls the position of prisoners in real time

Apr. 13, 2021

Friends who like watching American TV series should have chased prison break. In order to save his brother, Michael Scofield chose to go to prison to save his brother. In the play, Michael used his intelligence and life learning to successfully lead his brother to escape from prison. But in reality, if a person who has committed a heinous crime successfully breaks through the prison gate, it will certainly have a great impact on society. With the prison positioning watch, their idea of prison break will be "strangled" in the embryonic stage

Imyfit prison  watch gives full play to the advantages of health management and personnel positioning. One of the most important advantages is that its watch has the function of anti disassembly, which can avoid those who have the strength to "damage" the watch. In addition, the other functions it carries make the prison management more intelligent.

Real time positioning: the location of inmates wearing prison watches is updated in real time, and different people can be marked with different colors, so that prison administrators can distinguish them faster.

Track tracking: you can view the walking track of the positioning object in any period of time, and fully display it on the map.

Location alarm: the specified ID is active in the specified area. If it is out of bounds, it can alarm automatically.

Other functions: SOS alarm, micro payment and the reality of time, signal and power.

Imyfit prison watch positioning is very accurate, real-time update the location, in addition, the anti disassembly design is also very safe, as long as the watch is detected to be cut short or shielded, it will automatically alarm, let the management personnel all-round detection of prison personnel.

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