Cloud platform solution for NB-IOT smart Watch

Apr. 27, 2021

As the core products of smart health, pension and other industries, smart watch and bracelet have become an indispensable component of the ecological chain of healthy pension.In this trend, IMYFIT has developed the Nb IOT smart watch scheme to better meet the needs of society.

The pain points of traditional watches:

1.It can only communicate independently. Most wearable products are connected to mobile phones by Bluetooth and other means. It is lack of independent communication and can not support active data upload in emergency

2.High power consumption, wearable products have the characteristics of small size, all day wear and so on, which requires very high power consumption. Therefore, the traditional 2G and 4G smart watches have short standby time, which can not meet the long-term use needs

Compared with traditional bracelets, Nb IOT smart watch has the following advantages:

1.Simplified configuration: NB IOT wearable devices do not need mobile phone connection, easy to wear and use, automatic networking

2.Massive connection: stable and reliable network of operators

3.Ultra low power consumption: in health monitoring mode, it can be worn normally for 7-15 days

4.Super coverage: all places covered by global NB base stations can be used for normal communication


5.Positioning: personnel positioning can be realized

 All day positioning of the elderly, APP view the location information of the elderly, real-time accurate positioning, one second to find people, to prevent the elderly from getting lost

Personnel positioning.jpg 

6. SOS: real time personnel positioning

 Press the SOS button of the watch to make an emergency call. The watch ring will automatically turn on the positioning function and report to the platform. The platform will view the position information of the bracelet and call the family number


NB IOT intelligent Bracelet management platform connects the application and terminal through the network and ensures its transmission security. It also undertakes the authentication function of terminal access, control authorization and other operations of the management client, as well as the analysis and processing of the original dataLocation platform.jpg 

IMYFIT focuses on the comprehensive solution of personnel health and location management, collects human health and location data based on Intelligent wear, and transmits it to the cloud through the Internet of things technology for unified data analysis and management, so as to meet the customized needs of different customers' software and hardware.

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