What is the core value of smart heart rate watch in exercise monitoring?

May. 02, 2021

I often see some information in wechat. Many friends have bought all kinds of brands of smart heart rate watches, but it seems to have no effect after using them for a period of time, which is quite different from the results of manufacturers' propaganda.

The core function of heart rate watch is to monitor daily exercise and health data. Whether to use a heart rate watch is not directly proportional to whether a person can successfully lose weight, whether he can have enough sleep, and whether he can stay away from sub-health. Objectively speaking, to achieve these effects, we need to change many bad habits and develop some good living habits and stick to them.

Does that mean, "just go to exercise! It doesn't matter if you wear a heart rate watch or not? "

In this regard, we randomly asked some morning exercise friends a few questions: "what kind of running speed is the most suitable for you?"“ Everyone knows that aerobic exercise is good, but do you know your own period of aerobic exercise? "“ How to maximize the effect of reducing fat without harming the body wait. The answer is often: "I don't know.". Well, let's take a look at one of the core monitoring functions of the heart rate watch: "dynamic heart rate monitoring". The following is the internationally accepted calculation formula of individual aerobic exercise interval:

Common formula: for poor health or general population

Target heart rate = (220 age) * (60% - 80%)

60% ~ 70% of them were mainly used for reducing fat; 70% ~ 80% of them are mainly used to improve cardiopulmonary function

Caffuneng formula: for people with high physical fitness

Target heart rate = (220 age resting heart rate) * (65% ~ 85%) + resting heart rate

65% ~ 75% of them were mainly used for reducing fat; 75% ~ 85% of them are mainly used to improve cardiopulmonary function

For example, a 40 year old athlete's resting heart rate is 60bpm. In order to maintain his / her competitive state and control weight, he / she should make the most effective use of exercise to consume fat. His / her priority training area is 60-70% of the maximum heart rate

Theoretical maximum heart rate = 220-40 = 180

HR reserve = 180-60 = 120

Lower limit of target heart rate = 120x60% + 60 = 132bpm

Upper limit of target heart rate = 120x70% + 60 = 144bpm

So his / her priority training heart rate range is 132 ~ 144 bpm

So let your body as far as possible in the aerobic exercise range, not only can avoid excessive, excessive exercise to the body damage, but also can effectively reduce fat. Although the current heart rate monitoring of heart rate watch is not up to the medical level, it can reflect the user's heart rate status to a certain extent. Heart rate data can be used as exercise guidance. The watch is light and easy to wear in outdoor sports. Heart rate watch can be our ideal auxiliary equipment for sports.

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