The anti dismantling positioning Bracelet provides a safe and orderly environment for the prison

Jun. 21, 2021

  At present, the management of prisoners in many prisons has not been fully intelligent and scientific, and some prisons still stay in the stage of prison guards' patrol and using cameras to monitor and alarm. Such a way of supervision relies on manpower, so it is unable to grasp the location information of each prisoner in time, and it is unable to understand the movement track of each prisoner in time, and so on. But the appearance of prisoner positioning Bracelet effectively solves the above problems. Among them, the positioning designed by Wukong health for prisoners and the personal health detection bracelet are highly trusted.     Imyfit independent research and development team uses the relevant advanced technology to launch the anti disassembly positioning bracelet, which can locate the position of each wearer in real time, and also can detect the wearer's physical health status, quickly find its abnormality, prevent the prisoner from committing suicide or escaping from prison, and greatly improve the intelligent and information management level of the prison.

IMYFIT Anti-disassembly match

  Prisoners in detention center are often not controlled, and they are prone to fight. When prisoners wear positioning bracelets, prison guards can find abnormalities in time and take corresponding measures quickly. In addition, because with the indoor and outdoor Bluetooth gateway, so the accuracy of the bracelet is very high. In this way, when the prisoners with bracelets walk out of the specified area, they can immediately call the police. In order to make managers identify prisoners faster, each role can be marked with different colors.

Application of anti dismantling watch in prison

  Today, with the development of science and technology, in the special environment of prison, we must use a more secure and reliable intelligent positioning system for management. It is the purpose of imyfit to effectively reduce the occurrence of adverse events in prison.

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