Dynamic heart rate bracelet is specially designed for you who love sports

Jun. 24, 2021

  Under the condition of exercise, the blood supply speed of the whole body increases. In order to meet the blood supply demand, the heart needs to double the contraction speed. At this time, the blood supply to the myocardium will also increase correspondingly. However, the blood supply to the myocardium itself can only be obtained in the diastolic period. If the heart beats too fast, the diastolic period of the heart will be shortened, and the myocardium will be prone to ischemia, Even under the condition of easy running, in order to achieve the goal of cardiopulmonary strengthening or fat reduction, the body also needs to achieve the intensity, density and duration of three constant elements of exercise, and the core of the third element is the heart rate. Therefore, heart rate has a great influence on the effect of exercise and health. Imyfit's dynamic heart rate bracelet is specially made for you who love sports. Make exercise healthier and reduce fat more effectively.

Dynamic heart rate Bracelet

    Imyfit dynamic heart rate Bracelet adopts professional heart rate module and algorithm, supports the upload function of continuous detection every second, and dynamic heart rate detection, so that you can master the current heart rate status anytime and anywhere during exercise, so as to better adjust the intensity, density and time of exercise. According to the research, imyfit's dynamic heart rate Bracelet detection data is more accurate, compared with professional heart rate detection tools, the error is even 0. The real heart rate situation only needs a bracelet to understand.

  In order to make this bracelet more intelligent, imyfit has also launched other products to provide customers with a series of products from the terminal to the gateway, so that you can better detect the health status of the person who configures the bracelet, and at the same time, you can control the real-time position of the wearer, so that its security can be further guaranteed.

The anti dismantling positioning Bracelet provides a safe and orderly environment for the prison Electronic ticket bracelet, intelligent entertainment mode starts from now on

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