Various deep breathing methods related to mood regulation

Jul. 01, 2021

  Recently, in our collective exchange study, I led several colleagues to experience the "two inhalations and one breath" breathing method I just learned. At the same time, I briefly introduced the "four four" breathing method. We were all interested in it. We studied and practiced it very seriously, and said that we didn't expect there were so many ways of breathing. In view of this, I would like to collect and sort out several breathing methods related to regulating mood and cultivating mind for your reference.

  1. "Two inhaling and one exhaling" breathing method. On the basis of deep breathing, inhale with nose, divided into two beats, with a slight pause in the middle, exhale with mouth and nose at the same time, only one beat. The "beat" here does not mean the length of time, but only means whether there is a pause in the middle. When breathing, add oil and force. If necessary, raise and lower your arms. When exhaling, you can also shout loudly. In addition to the general function of deep breathing, this way of breathing can also help to mobilize the whole body's strength during breathing, so as to achieve the function of sports catharsis. At the same time, because it is like sobbing when breathing in, it can induce people to relieve the inner sorrow and pain of the body.

   2. One four two breathing. The practice of 142 breathing method is: inhale for one time unit, close for four time units, exhale for two time units. One four two is a unit of time. One of the great advantages of using one four two breathing method is that it can double the oxygen supply to your brain within 10 minutes. According to psychology and anatomy, every time one four two breathing method is used, the oxygen supply to the brain can increase by 300%. The beginners of this breathing style may have some difficulties. They can start with the four four breathing method, and then gradually change to the one four two breathing method after they get used to it. At the same time, we should pay attention to the abdomen to slightly inflate when we inhale, and draw back the abdomen when we exhale. When this is done three to five times, everyone can feel the relaxed energy flow of the body.

  3. Abdominal breathing. Put your right hand on your belly button and your left hand on your chest. When breathing in, expand the abdomen outward to the maximum extent, and keep the chest still. As you exhale, contract your abdomen inward as much as you can and keep your chest still. Cycle and keep the rhythm of each breath in line. Carefully experience the abdomen together. After a period of practice, you can take your hands away and just focus on the breathing process with your consciousness. The key of abdominal breathing is to reach the "limit" as much as possible, no matter whether you inhale or exhale; In the same way, the abdomen should also contract and swell to the extreme. If every breath reaches the lower Dantian, it will be better. Abdominal breathing is generally used for health care, because its oxygen inhalation is two to three times higher than normal, so it can also be used to treat diseases of various parts of the human body.


  Deep breathing is the best way to relax yourself. It includes everything from simple deep breathing, yoga to meditation. People cough, yawn and other movements, in fact, is also a kind of involuntary deep breathing movement. Deep breathing can not only promote the exchange of oxygen between the human body and the outside world, but also slow down the heart rate and lower the blood pressure. It can divert people's attention in the depressed environment and improve their self-awareness. When people know that they can keep calm by taking a deep breath, they can regain control of their emotions and ease their anxiety. Whether in the office, on the road or at home, you can take a few minutes to take a few deep breaths at any time to relax, relieve stress and refresh yourself.

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