Electronic ticket bracelet, intelligent entertainment mode starts from now on

Jun. 28, 2021

  Now people's spare time life is more colorful, including music festivals, concerts and so on. But in general, such activities will certainly bring together a large number of people, and the inspection of tickets has become a difficult thing. If it is manually inspected, it will cost a lot of human resources. At the same time, because of the limitations of manual inspection, there will be a lot of emergencies. Especially in today's intelligent era, how to make ticket detection intelligent? Electronic ticket Bracelet came into being.


  In fact, in foreign countries, the electronic ticket bracelet has been implemented. People who wear the electronic ticket bracelet can brush the bracelet to enter the performance venue, so as to avoid the embarrassment of losing paper tickets. In addition, it is very convenient to avoid the situation that people can not enter the venue because of buying fake tickets.

  In fact, the electronic ticket has not been widely used in China, but with the continuous development of technology, the electronic ticket bracelet will become more and more popular. Among them, Wukong health has launched a Bluetooth e-ticket bracelet with built-in NFC, which has the functions of ID, location, small consumption and e-ticket. It is specially designed for domestic scenic spots, parks and other scenes with large traffic. With Wukong health's Bluetooth e-ticket, we can realize the global intelligent management of personnel density management, personnel positioning and loss prevention. At the same time, Wukong health's Bluetooth e-ticket bracelet has also launched a customized service, making it one of the gifts given to each other in festivals.

In the future, the trend of intelligence will continue to improve. Both transportation and daily entertainment are becoming more and more intelligent. Electronic tickets are an effective help to help us move towards intelligent life and entertainment.

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