Market prospect analysis of smart payment Watch

Jul. 21, 2021

In the field of smart watch payment, the public's recognition is very high. It is a way of smart life to replace multi types of cards with watches, but the conversion rate of smart payment watches in the market is very low. Due to the amount of money involved, most consumers hold a wait-and-see attitude and do not fully trust the payment watch manufacturers. Where should smart payment watch go?

 Smart payment Watch

The current situation of smart payment watch is similar to that of the early "smart card". In the early days, people also had a questioning attitude towards access card and payment card, but after a few people tried, they gradually attracted more users. Smart payment watch is currently in the state of "tried" and has been widely used in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. The most commonly used is the subway bus payment watch, which can not only make mobile payment convenient, but also carry out step counting, health monitoring, sleep monitoring and other functions.

In addition to the use of smart payment Bracelet in bus and subway, it will gradually join the bank smart payment and community intelligence, promote the transformation of Internet of things and Internet, and gradually integrate the smart life into daily life. Nowadays, the main function of the bracelet on the market may be health. Except for some special people, these functions can not constitute a high-frequency application. Even so, he is very optimistic about the development trend of the smart bracelet. According to the data reports at home and abroad, the trend of the bracelet is very obvious. Identity authentication and social networking will push the bracelet to high-frequency applications, and the smart payment bracelet can just meet this demand. Therefore, the customization of the payment bracelet will become one of the directions of the future development.

What you don't know about Bluetooth version Heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen can control the smart watch at any time.

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