Heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen can control the smart watch at any time.

Jul. 27, 2021

Hypertension has always been a difficult problem for many families. In the field of intelligent health wear, the birth of blood pressure watch has brought good news to patients with hypertension. The law of blood pressure is between the wrists, real-time blood pressure monitoring and ambulatory heart rate monitoring.

Blood pressure watch

Link to the mobile app, master the blood pressure and heart rate anytime and anywhere, and understand the health status at every moment. It can play a good monitoring role in both physical exercise and daily life.

Some people have doubts about the accuracy of the blood pressure watch. Can the blood pressure watch really measure the accurate blood pressure value? Imyfit blood pressure watch adopts high-end PPG and PTT functional principles, just like Genie! Measure blood pressure at any time and record all kinds of physical conditions! In addition to the functions of the general step counting bracelet, my blood pressure watch also has the function of cloud data storage, which can carry out its own health management.

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