Nb-iot smart watch scheme

Aug. 05, 2021

  With Nb IOT officially incorporated into 5g standard, Nb IOT has been widely recognized as 5g technology. Compared with the traditional 4G network, the low power consumption of Nb IOT network communication equipment is the biggest advantage. In watch power detection, the power consumption of 500 watches equipped with Nb IOT network is one seventh of that of smart watches equipped with ordinary GSM network, which can not be called power saving. Nb-iot smart watch, as an entry-level core product of smart health, elderly care and other industries, has become an indispensable core component of the health and elderly care ecological chain. In this general trend, nb-iot smart watch scheme is developed.

IMYFIT nb-iot smart watch solution

      Nb-iot smart watch can have the functions of body temperature, heart rate, sleep, step counting, SOS, indoor and outdoor positioning, and can customize the diagnostic functions of ECG, blood pressure, blood oxygen and atrial fibrillation. It can be applied to a wide range of scenes such as campus students, sanitation workers, elderly care, hospitals and so on.

      More importantly, Nb IOT smart watch adopts NB IOT network communication to provide very comprehensive indoor cellular data connection coverage. At the same time, narrow broadband greatly reduces power consumption and prolongs standby time. It can be used for 5-25 days at a time.

Nb-iot children's Watch

Scheme features of nb-iot smart Watch

Nb-iot smart watch features low energy consumption. Nb-iot smart watch has built-in low-power Bluetooth 4.0 module, which can be connected with mobile phone, tablet and PC clients, and can set height, weight, stride and other information and upload sports data anytime and anywhere.

1. Simplified configuration: NB IOT wearable devices do not need mobile phone connection, simple to wear and use, and automatically networked

2. Massive connection: the operator's network is stable and reliable

3. Ultra low power consumption: NB has a power saving mode, which can be worn normally for 5-25 days

 4. Super coverage: it can be used in parking lot and basement

 5. Multiple positioning: support Bluetooth, GPS, AGPs and Beidou Positioning

Nb-iot Health Watch

Types of nb-iot smart watches

  With the development of Internet of things technology, technology can meet the era of watch form products. These forms exist to meet the corresponding needs in a vertical field.

    1. Health management: wear the watch on the wrist and monitor the user's daily exercise, calories consumed, heart rate and sleep quality through the motion sensor. It can also provide users with health suggestions on exercise during simple training at ordinary times. At the same time, it can urge office workers with less exercise to get up and exercise regularly, and generally transmit data to mobile phones through Bluetooth.

    2. Medical devices: it can realize the monitoring of chronic diseases (such as snoring, blood pressure and blood glucose), which can be completed at home from the early inspection to the later report, and then transmit the data to doctors to realize doctor-patient interaction. Such products are suitable for the middle-aged and elderly people and people with high incidence of chronic diseases.

Development prospect of nb-iot smart Watch

  Nb-iot smart watch is a location health management product that is more convenient to wear and interact. With the continuous development, people have high demand for sports related and peripheral products, not only step watches, but also heart rate watches, blood pressure watches, positioning watches, etc. This is the reason why nb-iot smart watches are welcomed by the majority of users. Nb-iot smart watch is small and practical. It can record the data of running, exercise, sleep, nutrition and health in daily life to help people better improve their lives. In order to make nb-iot smart watch better serve users, nb-iot smart watch app development has emerged. The nb-iot smart watch synchronizes those data with smart phones and tablets to help people better improve their lives.

 IMYFIT provides NB IOT intelligent hand customization, appearance and function design and development, and provides API interface and technical docking support. The equipment can realize the indoor and outdoor location switching of scene people and the application of remote health digital management.

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