Bluetooth gateway_ The core of personnel location and health detection solution

Aug. 02, 2021

  Now campus, judicial units and team sports training are "eager" for intelligence, hoping to use intelligent management to improve work and training efficiency. In response to this market demand, we control health has developed different solutions for different scenarios. For example, we have developed hardware solutions for the location and health and safety management of smart prison personnel for judicial departments, such as prisons, and hardware solutions for training physical fitness detection and data evaluation for team training. In different solutions, you can see the "figure" of outdoor Bluetooth gateway.

  So what role does Bluetooth gateway play?

Working architecture of Bluetooth gateway


  Bluetooth gateway plays the role of "data collector" and controller in the whole scheme. In short, it is used to collect Bluetooth device broadcast data in real time or remotely control Bluetooth device and location positioning function. The Bluetooth gateway remotely controls the ble device, receives the data sent by the ble device and forwards it to the server in the background. The monitoring and management of ble Bluetooth devices supports uplink and downlink two-way data transmission. The outdoor Bluetooth gateway also has the characteristics of waterproof and lightning protection to ensure normal use in thunderstorm weather.

  In addition, the maximum coverage of a single outdoor Bluetooth gateway is 200m, which can meet many applications in different scenarios.

  When configuring the Bluetooth gateway for the first time, you need to power on, that is, plug the standard power supply into the power port of the gateway. When the wireless indicator lights up after power on, it indicates that the router system is started. You can use it normally by setting and binding your own server IP.

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