Health monitoring NB IOT smart watch to prevent health risks

Aug. 11, 2021

  The time has come to 2021. For many people, 2020 is particularly difficult. If you look at the popular statistical table of major events in 2020 on the Internet, you will gain the same shock as most netizens. It is found that many celebrities have sudden cardiac death, which makes people pay more and more attention to their health. In addition to the necessary physical examination, real-time health detection is also important. Today, I will introduce a health detection smart watch designed by imyfit.

NB IOT Health Watch

NB IOT Health Watch

  Imyfit is a professional health detection smart watch designed for different ages and scenes. Among them, B12 is a health management smart watch specially designed for the elderly and special groups. It has very accurate medical treatment and blood pressure, blood oxygen and heart rate detection functions. It can provide 24-hour continuous health detection for the elderly in different scenes, so that they and their families can master health data at any time. In case of abnormality, Then an abnormal early warning will be carried out, so that they and their parents can arrive in time to ensure the physical safety of the wearer.

  So how does the health monitoring smart watch transmit the wearer's information to relevant people?

Health watch management system architecture

Health watch management system architecture

  In fact, it is mainly the Nb IOT technology used by the watch, which transmits the real-time data to the server through the cellular network. The background managers can see the real-time data and abnormal alarm, and the background can automatically push the abnormal alarm to the bound supervisor in real time. The abnormal alarm can be quickly rescued through the GPS positioning function of the watch.

  In addition, this health detection watch can also provide sedentary wearers with timely exercise. You know, sedentary becomes ill. Sedentary has many disadvantages.

  In conclusion, the health monitoring smart watch can not only timely detect the health status of the wearer, but also remind the wearer to exercise in time. After all, compared with illness, the cost of exercise is really small.

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