Campus sports Bracelet_ Real time monitoring equipment for students' heart rate movement data

Aug. 14, 2021

      In the past, in physical education class, teachers could only observe students in real time and evaluate students' training and sports with experience. With the development of science and technology, intelligent physical education has sprung up. In many aspects, science and technology has replaced labor, and the reason why science and technology is science and technology is faster, more accurate and more practical than labor.

Sports health management Bracelet

      The student sports training system based on the campus sports training bracelet. When students wear this intelligent sports bracelet, the teacher can see the sports data of each student on the tablet, monitor the quality of physical education class and the sports situation of the student group in the process of achieving the goal, and the real-time data are neatly arranged on the mobile phone screen, including the name of each student, attendance The heart rate, exercise steps and calories consumed by real-time exercise in the classroom show various indicators such as exercise intensity, exercise density, class average heart rate curve, student heart rate curve, heart rate early warning, data visualization, so as to better guide teaching. Teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, and the differentiated and exquisite teaching for each student has found a new direction for the physical education curriculum. At the same time, gradually accumulate classroom teaching and management evaluation data, and provide personalized and targeted growth plans and development suggestions for students' physical exercise through intelligent analysis.

Student sports health monitoring platform

      In addition to the conventional monitoring function, the system can also provide the function of "alarm reminder". If a student's exercise is too intense and his heart beats more than 220 times per minute, the system will send an "alarm" to the teacher, so that the teacher can urgently "stop" the student, so as to prevent the student's excessive exercise from damaging his body.

      The school applies the physical training heart rate bracelet to the actual teaching, the teaching link is clearer and more vivid, and the students' status is more clear through the data display. The perfect combination of physical education teaching and intelligent sports monitoring greatly reduces the statistical workload of schools and teachers, and opens up new ideas of physical education teaching. Innovation and development are always inseparable, so as to help students grow healthily, Future sports information teaching is an important development direction.

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