Is intelligent heart rate watch accurate?

May. 09, 2021

In the field of intelligent wearable devices, a new type of intelligent product system "intelligent health care" is divided. It integrates the biotechnology in the medical field with the photoelectric technology in the physical field, and can monitor the heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure and other data of consumers. Now let's introduce the smart heart rate watch, which is a typical product in the "smart health care" series. It uses internationally recognized PPG technology to record the heart rate of consumers. What's the accuracy of the smart heart rate watch in the process of measurement?

When it comes to the accuracy of smart heart rate watch test, first of all, what is "PPG" technology? PPG technology is widely used in clinical medicine at present. It consists of AC and DC components. The frequency of AC component is about 1Hz, which is determined by heart rate. The change of DC component is very slow, which is determined by respiration, vasoconstriction and THM wave. When the smart heart rate watch works, it emits red light. Because the light source will reflect, refract, scatter and fluoresce when it passes through the tissue, the moving red blood cells in the blood can affect the PPG signal, and determine the user's heart rate and blood oxygen status according to the reflected light source information.

When it comes to the accuracy of smart heart rate watch, many people are dubious about it. In fact, in clinical medicine, medical heart rate watch has done many clinical trials. It can effectively monitor the heart rate of patients and has been used in medical equipment for many years. Under normal circumstances, the error of smart heart rate watch is very small, which can be ignored. Because its heart rate monitoring is continuous, the data will be more accurate. In the working process of smart heart rate watch, many unexpected situations can be avoided by monitoring the real-time dynamic heart rate of consumers.

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