What is the smart heart rate watch (bracelet) SDK?

May. 10, 2021

At present, the popular heart rate bracelets in the market have different styles. Users can choose a suitable heart rate Bracelet according to their own needs. For example, the bracelet which is easy to carry and can monitor and display the movement data and heart rate in real time is economical. There are a variety of movement data, heart rate monitoring, blood pressure, blood oxygen, etc. Recently, the heart rate Bracelet SDK has aroused heated discussion. What is the heart rate Bracelet SDK?

With the great development of the domestic Internet environment, most of the SDKs are free, but some functional SDKs have been operated as a product, which depends on the change of people's concept of developing Internet products and the development of cloud computing technology. The full English name of SDK is: software development kit, which means "software development kit" in Chinese, such as push technology, image recognition technology, mobile payment technology, etc. at the same time, resource advantage companies also provide resource sharing SDK, so developers no longer need to develop each function of the product and choose the appropriate and stable SDK service, The heart rate Bracelet SDK came into being in such a big environment.

The heart rate Bracelet SDK can display remote control photography, steps, distance, calories, real-time heart rate, blood oxygen, call reminder, NFC mobile payment, etc. the display content is rich. It can be viewed at any time in the form of touch. A single page can display up to 40 Chinese characters, and the contents can also be viewed by turning the page. It can basically meet the reminder of general movement, body and call information.

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