The principle of measuring heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen with smart Watch

May. 12, 2021

In the field of intelligent wear, from bracelet to watch, intelligent application is gradually integrated into life. With the heart health of urban people and health monitoring of the elderly and middle-aged people, various brands of intelligent wear equipment have launched related products. The heart rate blood pressure blood oxygen watch was born in such an environment. It can monitor the heart vitality of users, watch the heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen status in real time, so as to facilitate the assessment of the health status of the heart and early detection of health hazards.

As we all know, the data of blood oxygen saturation and heart rate ECG are important basic data in clinical medicine. In the aspect of blood oxygen detection, the photoelectric blood oxygen detection module built in the heart rate blood pressure blood oxygen watch can accurately display the oxygen content in the blood with the figures, and systematically analyze the influence of the oxygen content on the body function. In the aspect of heart rate ECG detection, the heart rate, blood oxygen watch ECG module can monitor and detect arrhythmia and myocardial infarction in time. By archiving ECG, it can help to assess the heart risk and early find out the hidden danger of heart disease.

The heart rate blood pressure oxygen watch is detected by reflection transmission. The smart watch sends light signal. According to the change of oxygen content of blood, the optical signal obtained will also change accordingly. The light signal will be converted into electric signal and then fed back to the user. Users only need to take a heart rate blood pressure oxygen watch, can realize real-time monitoring of blood oxygen, heart rate and ECG.

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