The principle of campus student behavior track analysis system

May. 29, 2021

The principle of student orientation and track


The school sets up a Bluetooth gateway to cover the whole campus, and makes a map to mark the specific coordinate position of each gateway in the map. Students are equipped with campus bracelets or smart student ID cards. Each Bracelet connecting to the gateway will produce a RSSI value of information strength. By connecting the values generated by the three gateways, the specific position can be calculated through the coordinate algorithm, Regularly upload data information, connect each location, so as to realize the comprehensive statistics of the students' behavior track, establish the roadmap of the students' behavior track, understand a student's movement track in school, and record the stay time in each location (such as library, playground, etc.).



Behavior record


    The comprehensive statistics of students' behavior records, including the time points of entering and leaving, the time points of staying, and the behavior statistics of which sports were done in the autonomous state.



Interest analysis


According to the positioning results, the activity track of students is drawn, and the most common places of students are analyzed, as well as the residence time analysis, so as to help teachers understand students' interests and teach students in accordance with their aptitude.



Information Service


    The school can query the students' movement information, such as heart rate, steps, calories, track heat map, and the dimensions include day, month, cumulative and average. Support synchronization with platform through mobile app; Parents can also query the situation of students.


    From students' basic information, consumption information, behavior preference, activity area preference, reading preference, daily work and rest and other information, we can master students' behavior trends, interests, psychological characteristics, interactive behavior, provide personalized training guidance for students' learning, and provide fine education management for schools.

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