[science popularization] NFC function of smart Bracelet Watch

May. 17, 2021

In recent years, smart wristwatches have become more and more popular. With the development of technology, the functions of smart wristwatches have become more and more comprehensive. For example, most of the smart wristwatches developed by our company have NFC function. I believe many people are not very clear about this function. Now, our technicians will come to popularize science for you.


NFC is the abbreviation of near field communication, that is, short-range wireless communication technology. A non-contact identification and interconnection technology jointly developed by Philips and Sony can carry out short-range wireless communication between mobile devices, consumer electronics, PCs and intelligent controls.

NFC function of smart Watch.jpg 


NFC technology provides a simple, touch solution, which allows users to simply exchange information, access content and services. However, in the field of smart watches, NFC technology is more used to read and identify information between devices. The identity ID and personal information are written in the NFC of smart watches, and the corresponding files are entered in the relevant systems. If it is used in the access control, read the NFC on the smart watch through the device, quickly identify the person information, identify the matching and have the authority, then the access control will automatically open and release. With the same principle, it can realize the practical functions of access control, attendance, payment and so on.

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