What is a blood pressure watch? Introduction to blood pressure watch

Jul. 23, 2021

Hypertension is a chronic disease, which is difficult to cure once it is formed. From the current clinical medicine, the best way to combat hypertension is "prevention, treatment and maintenance". IMYFIT has launched a new intelligent wearable product blood pressure watch that can monitor blood pressure in real time. It can monitor the user's heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen and other data, achieve the function of health early warning, and truly achieve the effect of "disease prevention" and "disease maintenance".

Blood pressure watch

What is a blood pressure watch? Many people have doubts about this. They are skeptical about intelligent wearable health monitoring products. Our blood pressure watch has the health data of tens of millions of users. Using cloud data technology, we can store users' health information, set the range of healthy blood pressure and play the role of health early warning. By slicing and analyzing the data, the most convincing medical intelligent diagnosis model is extracted, the user's comprehensive health index is calculated in real time, and the user's health status and medium and long-term risk of chronic diseases are found by comparing the fluctuation law of signs with the benchmark data, so that the user can evaluate his health at home, Many health hazards can be avoided.

Our blood pressure watch adopts the PTT blood pressure measurement method recognized by clinical medicine. PTT is a continuous non-invasive blood pressure measurement system based on pulse transmission time (PTT). In 1878, Moens and Korteweg proposed a mathematical model that can prove the quasi linear relationship between pulse transmission time and blood pressure:

Where, t is the change value of pulse wave propagation time; P is the change value of arterial blood pressure; Eigenvalues of arterial vessels. In 1957, Lansdown proposed that there was a linear correlation between PTT and BP for an individual, which was relatively stable for a period of time. Ignoring some unmeasurable arterial parameters, a more intuitive model of arterial blood pressure and pulse wave propagation time is established as follows:

BP=a+b × PTT(2)

Where BP is arterial blood pressure, PTT is pulse wave propagation time, and a and B are undetermined linear fitting coefficients.

The appearance of blood pressure watch facilitates the life of people with hypertension. It doesn't have to travel to families and hospitals often. It integrates equipment measurement and health diagnosis. When the blood pressure watch is connected to the app, the measurement data will be automatically displayed and stored on the mobile phone, and the data will be judged intelligently. The measurement results can also be automatically sent to relatives and friends. If the user's blood pressure exceeds the standard, he can get medical advice at the first time to avoid delaying the condition.

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