How to the scientific movement?

Jul. 27, 2021

Life lies in sports, which has been recognized by many people.However, exercise is not blind. Different exercise methods will bring you different fitness effects.Do you really exercise?Do you choose to run or play ball?Is aerobic or anaerobic more appropriate!In fact, as long as it is exercise, it will be accompanied by the change of heart rate.Therefore, if we want to solve the scientific problem of how to exercise, it is necessary to clarify the relationship between heart rate and exercise.Next, we will specifically discuss the role of heart rate in exercise and how to select different types of exercise targeted training according to different heart rate intervals?

Technology will always add luster to our life. Now we can easily check our heart rate in real time, and the heart rate is with you all the time, whether it's eating, running, playing football, etc. as long as we can monitor our heart rate, we can reasonably control our exercise.

As a professional athlete: football training needs to reach 90% of the maximum heart rate (anaerobic) for 10-15 minutes;Ordinary people's daily exercise: the heart rate is too low to achieve the effect of warm-up, too high, and the body's bearing capacity is limited;

At this point, do you begin to worry about how I can control my exercise heart rate according to my own situation and how to allocate exercise time?Don't worry, keep looking.

Maximum heart rate = 220 - age

Type of motion

Heart rate standard line


early warning

>=90% of maximum heart rate

This interval is a warning line. The heart rate of non professional athletes is very dangerous in this interval


>=80% of maximum heart rate

Proper rest in the interval of high-intensity exercise can achieve the effect of exercising muscle endurance


>=70% of maximum heart rate

Exercise with heart rate value in this range can enhance cardiovascular endurance. Exercise with this intensity can effectively consume calories and burn carbohydrates and fat

Fat burning

>=60% of maximum heart rate

Heart rate training in this range can enhance endurance and enable the body to adapt to more intensive exercise. Only after long-term persistence can the effect of burning fat be achieved


< 60% of maximum heart rate

Heart rate exercise in this range has only the effect of warming up or relaxing

Enhance vital capacity and heart function, burn body fat, enhance muscle endurance and instant explosive power

Having said so much, the real-time display of heart rate is the key.But it's also simple. We only need a heart rate bracelet to achieve it.Wearing my heart rate control smart bracelet can easily help you check your exercise heart rate and help you exercise scientifically!

In order to let you have a deeper understanding of the value of heart rate in scientific sports, we set it in the running scene to compare and analyze how to exercise scientifically with young people aged 25 and old people aged 60, and how to select different sports types for targeted training according to different heart rate intervals.

 Heart Rate Variability (HRV) during exerciseMotion data

Note: single real-time step counting (offline event) throughout the day needs to turn on the motion monitoring function every time. Turn off the motion monitoring and open the mobile app refresh interface to load. After customizing the motion type (the small icon of undefined type is gray), you can click to enter the duration statistics page.

Through the above explanation, you know how to be a scientific sport when exercising?


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