What is the principle of smart watch (bracelet) positioning?

May. 15, 2021

  2021 5G is the biggest hot spot in the science and technology circle in, and many intelligent wearables have also attracted people's attention.Take the positioning bracelet as an example. In fact, it does not rely on 5g technology, but in recent years, the demand for powerful positioning function is growing in many scenarios.So, what's the principle of this?Why can positioning bracelets continue to gain market recognition?

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      The principle of positioning bracelet is not complicated. Simply speaking, it is to realize position positioning through Bluetooth gateway (also known as base station). When the bracelet is connected to the gateway, it will have a signal strength value RSSI, which is used to calculate the distance from the gateway to realize position positioning. This is fuzzy positioning. For example, it is 5 meters away from the gateway, but it can be 5 meters from any angle of the gateway.If you want to locate accurately, you must have three gateways to cover the bracelet. Through three RSSI values, that is, the principle of three-point positioning method, you can calculate the specific location of the bracelet.The whole process is not complicated.But, can achieve accurate, my control localization bracelet is a company.Because most scenes are not big, even if the positioning error is a few meters, the trouble is conceivable. Therefore, for positioning bracelets, accuracy is very important.How to position more accurately is the bottleneck for positioning Bracelet manufacturers to constantly break through.Only in this way can we meet the needs of consumers to keep pace with the times.


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